5 Ways tech can improve your Organization

5 Ways Technology can Maximize your Time and Grow Revenue

1. Take your Business to your Customer

With Mobile Payments expected to reach $282 billion by 2021, taking part in this rapid growth is one of the fastest and easiest methods to integrate into your organization. Payments such as Apple Pay or Google pay acceptance in-store has been rapidly accelerating businesses everyday. Accepting payments online, enables business owners to fulfill orders for contracts while they’re even away from their desks. This is great for  cafes/restaurants, service contractors, delivery services, Food Trucks, and other field-based services.  Receive payments on-site and on-time.


2. Eliminate long lines at the checkout

Cloud Point of Sale systems like Clover, enable owners to accept the latest forms of payments, track inventory, manage time sheets for employees, run reports, and print. These are job functions that many organizations hire professionals to do for them. Now, you can have the cloud do it with everything right at your fingertips.

Roughly three-quarters of Americans go online at least daily

3. Let customers purchase from anywhere anytime

Your customers shouldn’t always have to be physically present  at your business to pay you. Grow your revenue by adding an extra layer of purchasing convenience. If your business is only open from 9am-5pm, one of the the best ways to maximize time and revenue is by enabling your business to collect orders automatically while you are busy or sleep. Invest into a website that accepts payments.

One-in-four Americans - and 39% of those ages 18-29 - go online 'almost constantly'

4. Don’t get bogged down by your Internet

Many problems with devices you use everyday to run your business can be solved by making sure your Internet speed is sufficient. By simply speeding up your everyday processes you can earn more.

Symptoms of insufficient Internet/WiFi Speeds at your business

  • Sluggish Point-of-Sales Systems
  • Scanners & Printers fail to print or sluggish to deliver documents
  • VOIP Phone systems drop calls
  • Documents fail to upload or extended loading times
  • Video surveillance systems are very choppy drops out
  • Added 3 or more connected devices to an existing slow internet connection

5. Invest in Automated Marketing

Automated text messaging, email Marketing, and scheduled social media post all helps your organization stay in engaged with new and potential customers.

Did you know combining email and social media helps you become more successful?

In fact a 2014 Constant Contact survey found small businesses using multiple channels in conjunction with email reported:

  • 73% More customer engagement
  • 57% More new customers
  • 54% More Web Traffic
  • 40% More Revenue
  • 39% More Referrals

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