Inbound Marketing Pays Off

The Challenge

Magnetrol International, a leading global supplier of level and flow instrumentation, enjoys a great deal of brand recognition. But most of its past marketing had been focused on product-specific campaigns and programming. In launching a new corporate ad campaign, Magnetrol wanted to position itself in a way that went beyond a product solutions approach and focused on the customers’ values.

The Solution

We crafted a corporate ad campaign that emphasized the positive end result of safe, reliable level and flow measurement. Many ad messages in the process industry space were effective in conveying strong benefits that improved efficiency or safety in a process operation. The new ad campaign, “Magnetrol Works,” took a fresh approach by zooming out and looking at the bigger picture: how does an efficient, safe operation impact its customers’ lives?

The corporate ad campaign targeted three important process markets—oil and gas, power and chemical. The imagery featured images of ordinary people doing everyday things like putting on sunscreen or driving cars. The message? When your process runs smoothly, so do people’s lives—and Magnetrol can help. The ads did more than just present Magnetrol’s already well-regarded products as solutions for process efficiency. They also served as a reminder that end users’ lives are enhanced by safe, efficient industrial processes.

The Business Results

Magnetrol reached many customers with its big-picture message, both in print and online. The campaign provided a powerful positioning platform for Magnetrol and the company utilized it throughout a wide variety of marketing initiatives. The campaign also received award recognition, winning a 2015 Hermes Gold Award.

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